Correlation with Aerobic Exercise and the bond capacity of Hemoglobin

|Effect of Continuing Walking Exercise in the Water in Elderly Women|


Minako Seki

(Postgraduate CourseCThe Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing)



Background  Study of health promotion have been explained to contribute hypertension and insulin resistance by Exercise in the waterD

Purpose  The purpose of this study was to clear the metabolism capacity of aerobics from the analysis of main component by blood testD

Methods and Results  Samples were nine women who were continuing and starting walking exercise in the water which had 50% capacity of  max oxygenDResearch were done three days that program had lecture of health education included blood test and to measure pulse oxygen and blood pressure and heart rate pre-post exercise on February in 2003DSamples were nine women whose age 63.2}4.0(mean}SD)years oldCthat exercise behavior was 52.2}41.5 monthsDThe indicator to measure main components were blood test of hemoglobin and lipidCthe changing of blood pressure pre and post walking exercise in the waterDThese results were followingFValue of maxDLO2 was 25.6}3.0ml/min/mmHgDValues of serum fat were that TG was 166.6}113.1CT-Chol was 222.2}24.1CHDL-C was 58.4}9.7CLDL-C was 138.1}25.8CLP was 211.7}51.9CRLP-C was 8.6}5.6DValues of blood cell were that WBC was 4722}1.4CRBC was 446.3}31.7CHB was 13.6}1.2CHt was 41.9}3.2Cblood platelet(FPlt) was 25.7}4.0DCorrelations were between TG and WBC(r .918)CTG and RLP-C(r .985)CT-Chol and LDL-C(r .870)CHDL-C and RBC(r .691)CWBC and RBC(r .661)CWBC and HB(r .709)CRBC and HB(r .989)CPlt and PL(r .615)DCorrelations were between maxDLO2 and HB(r .599)CmaxDLO2 and Ht(r .593)Cexercise behavior and RBC(r .457)Dp-value<0.05D

Conclusions  Relationship between RBC and exercise behavior indicated model formula(y = -0.0034x2 + 0.7761x + 420.72FRBW-Seki formula) from an approximate valueCand relationship between HB and exercise behavior indicated model formula(y = -0.0002x2 + 0.0263x + 12.972FHBW-Seki formula) from an approximate valueD